This area of Bosnia and Herzegovina was, for centuries, part of a wide and moving frontline between the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Despite the historical shifts, to this day, Muslims, Orthodox Christians, and Catholics are all well-represented in this northwest pocket of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like with the rest of the country, the borders between the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, don’t mean a whole lot to travelers. All sides will welcome you into their shops, restaurants, and, occasionally, their homes for coffee or homemade brandy. There are no border patrols and passports aren’t needed. The most you’ll notice are signs and the changing of the alphabet from Latin script to Cyrillic.

What tourists should keep in focus here is the fantastic landscape. Rolling hills, emerald rivers, and waterfalls crisscross the Krajina. One could arguably call this the most beautiful section of the country. Certainly it would be fair to say that the Krajina’s greatest tourist attractions all revolve around its natural resources and, in particular, water. Rivers include: the Vrbas, Una, Pliva, Sana, Sanica, and Unac. Those are just a small handful of the pure water sources that flow north into the Sava River. Everywhere you go there are pristine places to hike, raft, bike, kayak, and fish. A fine example of this purity is Una National Park. Established in 2008, it is unencumbered by gaudy hotels. It is just a display of raw nature. When one tires of the great outdoors, Banja Luka and Bihać are relaxed urban centers with plenty of cafés, restaurants, hotels, and cultural happenings. Banja Luka, BiH’s second largest city is the main hub of the northwest and has a thriving nightlife scene, museums and entertainment.

The true pull of this region, however, is adventure and nature based activities. So after a stop-over in any of Krajina’s towns or cities, be prepared to grab your boots, lifejacket, climbing ropes, or mountain bike and get lost in nature.

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