Slowing down on a road less traveled

Better slow down

Recent events have forced us to slow down and rethink how we do things, including travel. In this day and age we live in a fast-paced world. But Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been a place where we embrace the philosophy of sabur, where people take the time to appreciate friends and family, take long walks to talk about everything under the sun, to contemplate life and our role in it, and enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature that surround this small European country from top to bottom. Sabur is about being mindful of oneself and others. It is an age-old tradition here that enables us to slow things down by just a notch.

This unique and genuine hospitality is even more emphasized in the rural, mountainous areas of BiH. Even with the new reality of avoiding big crowds and being weary of travel it’s no time to stay home. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to embrace the art of slowing down, taking time for ourselves to enjoy the benefits of being in nature. To eat organic, homemade food. To sit and chat with a local about life. To sip coffee while absorbing the stunning views around you in every direction. To stretch your legs before a long hike or leisurely walk through the countryside. It’s time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina…and enjoy the rich natural bounties that bring us closer to ourselves and to each other…not further apart.