About us

About us

When traveling this country we found it to be seething with priceless tradition. What is most remarkable about this tiny European country is the fascinating synergy between its cultural and natural heritage. In almost every city, town, village and community we found this to be the rule rather than the exception. Here you’ll find the inside stories of what this country is really all about – its people, places, culture, nature, and perhaps most importantly – its true potential.

And just as with any guide-like publication, travelers, who like to plunge elbow-deep, will still receive tips about the country’s don’t-miss festivals, the best food to indulge on, the rowdiest dance- halls, and classic hiking trails – all of which carry readers above the typical tourism panorama.  This first-hand narrative of this multi-cultural society is provided to you with life-tested info from people who are from here.

During this 25th year of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were tasked to venture out and explore the country, visiting places that amplify the strong relationship between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States since the Dayton Peace Accords were signed. Whether it be a struggling museum that with US assistance was able to reopen its doors or an organic farmer that was able to buy a eco-friendly tractor to tend to the fields, we discovered that the bond between these two countries goes far beyond the peace accords or politics. It’s just as much about friendships. We visited countless attractions, communities, artists and ordinary citizens – reinforcing our belief that Bosnia and Herzegovina has meaningful place in the European family. We believe this is the most comprehensive, user-friendly, locally driven, inside resource of its kind ever created for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you experience even a fraction of the enjoyment exploring the places enclosed here that we experienced visiting each, then our work can be deemed successful. With this magazine, you have a valuable tool and are now ready to truly discover this soul-searching, head-scratching, and breathtaking European gem. We hope this passion shines through its pages.


Tim Clancy
Tim is also known as the Bosnia guy. He came to BiH during the war for 3 weeks…almost 3 decades later he still calls Bosnia home. His post-conflict work has mainly focused on the environment, sustainable tourism development, and exploring ways to build a new brand and acceptable national identity in a post war, transitional setting. Don’t Miss magazine is his attempt to circumvent politics and go straight to the heart of things – the people and their place.


Tim Clancy
Slobodan Vulešević
Gorčin Dizdar
Alex Crevar


Adnan Bubalo
Adnan is one of BiH’s best landscape photographers. He tirelessly pursues the best nature shot he can find in every corner of the country. His work has been the backbone of Don’t Miss publications and his work been featured all over the world, including in National Geographic.

Lana Ferovic
Lana is a lifelong nomad. She has done travel photography and blogging for over 15 years now. Her passion for photography and travel, mainly to southeast Asia and Africa, but also to South America hasn’t lulled since her return to her home city Sarajevo where she is rediscovering the beauty of her own land.

Laura Boushnak
Laura is a Palestinian freelance photographer. She is a regular for the NY Times and has been featured in over a dozen major international publications. Whereas her work mainly focuses on social and humanitarian issues, she graciously joined the team in the time of corona to share her view of the country with us.

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