Wine Cellars of Herzegovina

Wine Cellars of Herzegovina

The best kept secret in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Međugorje and Čitluk

Brkić Wines

Address Kralja Tvrtka 9, 88260 Čitluk Tel. 036 644 466 GSM 063 320 205 Email [email protected] Web

The first modern cellar was founded in Herzegovina by the Brkić family in 1979. They have long prided themselves in natural, organic wine produciton. Their Žilavka and Blatina wines are only unique but are known as one of the most full-bodied wines in the entire area. Mjesečar, or Sleepwalker, is the Brkic’s most famous wine. It is an organic, biodynamic wine that is always harvested on the full moon. They also produce an impressive collection of brandies. The editors choice would be the travarica (medicinal herb) brandy. For eco-wine lovers, a visit to this vineyard is a must.

AG Wines

Address 88266 Međugorje Tel. 036 651 210 Email [email protected] Web

The AG wine cellar was founded in the mid 19th century. Grgo Vasilj, the vineyards owner, calls producing his wine a labor of love. They produce several variations of Blatina and Zilavka with the Carska Blatina barrique certainly ranking as one of the better wines in Herzegovina. One can also endulge in local brandies with and their unique (and exceptionally tasty) pomegranate liqueur. The medium sized tasting facilities can seat up to 50 people.

Buntić Winery

Address Miletina, 88266 Međugorje Tel. 036 651 138 GSM 063 377 073 Email [email protected] Web

Buntić wines have gained in both quality and popularity in recent years. Besides the high quality Žilavka white and red Blatina, they produce very good brandies, a good Rosé, and Blatina barrique. Their wines and brandies can be found in most specialty wine shops in the country or one can try them all at wine tasting facilities in Medugorje.


Vilinka Cellar

Address Sretnice b.b., 88000 Mostar GSM: 063 427 411 Email [email protected] Web; GPS N43 16.673 E17 44.339

The relatively new vineyard was planted in 2006. It is owned and operated by Herzegovina’s youngest winemaker, Velimir Eres. In just four years his wines have won nine medals at regional wine fairs. The Vilinka winery makes Žilavka, Blatina and Blatina Barrique. They are a smaller vineyard that focuses more on quality rather than quantity. Their cellar has a wine tasting room with a capacity of 40. The Blatina Barrique is their stellar wine.


Keža Winery

Address Studenci b.b., 88320 Ljubuški GSM 063 372 773 Web GPS N43 10.268 E17 35.581

Keža wines are conspicuously labeled with a big Ž. Their vineyards are spread over 25 hectares of fertile land in the village of Studenci. This area best suits the indigenous varieties of Žilavka and Blatina. Keza’s wine can now be found in exclusive restaurants throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you’d like to try it out on the spot they have a small tasting room with capacity of 20.

Nuić Vineyards

Address Crnopod b.b., 88320 Ljubuški Tel 039 849 51 Fax 039 849 505 Web GPS N43 13.418 E17 40.676

Although the Nuic family has been in the winegrowing business for quite some time, the Nuić Vineyards company was established in 2004. They planted 190 000 vines, primarily Žilavka and Blatina, on ​​35 hectares of prime grape growing land in the village of Crnopod located between Ljubuški and Medjugorje. They have established themselves as one of the premiere wine producers in the country. The Blatina Barrique is superb and certainly ranks among Herzegovina’s top Blatina wines. They have modern tasting facilities with a capacity of 50.


Vukoje Cellars 1982

Address Mirna 28, 89000 Trebinje Tel 059 270-370 GSM 065 527-433, Email [email protected] GPS +42° 42’ 56.38” +18° 20’ 36.65”

This is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most famous wine producers. They have been producing wine, spirits and liquers since 1982. The vineyard relies on modern technology, with a controlled fermentation processes and traditional settling in oak ‘barrique’ barrels in a cellar eight meters underground. The fine wines produced at Vukoje have been recipients of gold medals for quality in Paris, Geneva, Milan, Bergam, Prague and Brussels. The Czar’s Vineyard is located at Ušće ten kilometers from Trebinje. At the end of the 19th century this vineyard was proclaimed the most suitable for žilavka by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. There are two hectares of Zilavka planted here with an exceptionally comfortable and rustic wine tasting atmosphere in natural settings.

Anđelić Wines

Address Gorica b.b., 89101 Trebinje Tel 065 940 055, 059 259 222 Email [email protected]

The Anđelić family have produced fine wines for many decades. This exclusively family run business produces 150,000 liters per year. The cellar has a small shop and reception area. The fermentation area is over 200 square meters decked out with modern equipment. The lower storage cellar below is a striking space of over 200m2, dug right into the rock faces. This provides the ideal conditions for the wine to mature in natural conditions. The Anđelić family cellar is a small and welcoming place for wine tasting and seeing the impressive cellar.

Tvrdoš Wine

Address Tvrdoš b.b. St., 89101 Trebinje Tel 059 246 810 Fax 059 246 811 Email [email protected] Web

Around ten years ago the Orthodox monks from Tvrdoš Monastery began to revitalize the 70 hectares of Vranac grapes grown in the Trebinje Fields. Things have gone so well they have planted another 60 hectares of top quality young grapes in Popovo Polje. The monastery has two cellars that merge the old and the new. Just below the monastery itself is an old stone cellar from the 15th century. Just ten meters further, alongside the Trebišnjica River, is a new cellar equipped with modern technology. This may be the best kept secret in Herzegovina.

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