Intro to Via Dinarica

Intro to Via Dinarica

Introducing the Via Dinarica ...more than just a trail
Introducing the Via Dinarica …more than just a trail

The Via Dinarica is the world’s newest long distance trail that extends the entire length of the Dinaric Alps from Slovenia to Albania. There are three trails – the White, Green, and Blue – all linked by world class hiking, biking, and rafting routes, offering a multitude of adventure flavors for adrenaline seekers and nature lovers alike. The main White Trail follows the highest spine of the Dinaric’s as it weaves through a large part of the Western Balkans, with some of the most attractive hiking found on the 350 kilometer section in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The natural wonders of the Via Dinarica are some of the most diverse, beautiful, and unexplored in Europe. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by what you are going to find in this magazine. The Dinaric Alps may be Europe’s best kept secret for those drawn to the call of Mother Nature. The Via Dinarica mega trail links seven countries in the world’s newest long distance adventure route through these majestic mountains that National Geographic Traveler has named as a Best of the World in 2017.

On the Via Dinarica, the natural meets culture in enchanting ways. The still-thriving highland communities prove that no matter how remote you go, you’re never terribly far from an adventure or a hot and hearty meal with a friendly local. Invading armies may have failed to conquer these mountains over the region’s sometimes turbulent past, but the Via Dinarica will lead you along footpaths that take you right to the heart of their magic, aided by the expertise and hospitality of the still thriving highland communities. One of the most remarkable traits of the Via Dinarica, which sets it apart from other mega trails, is that it offers a rare glimpse into ancient cultures that have survived the manifold tests of time.

White Trail

This is the main trail along the entire length of the Via Dinarica that follows the natural flow of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps. The white trail includes all of the highest peaks in each respective country. Although there is a plethora of activities along this main trail, such as mountain biking and rafting, its main function is as a hiking trail. The White Trail is clearly defined and operational, with some regions (such as Bosnia and Herzegovina) having the entire route marked with Via Dinarica signage. Full maps can be viewed and downloaded on

Green Trail

The Green Trail is exactly as it sounds, a path through green carpets of conifer forests that meander through lower mountains on the northeastern front of the Dinaric Alps. The Green Trail has a bit of everything for everyone. It is the most diverse trail in terms of activities, with a few thousand kilometers of trails that offer hiking, biking, rafting, caving, fly fishing, kayaking, canyoning and leisurely walks through quaint villages. The Green Trail is still in development phase but many of the areas on the Bosnian section of the trail are marked and can be viewed on the official website.

Blue Trail

The Blue Trail veers towards the coastline and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. The mountains may be smaller in this part but no less attractive and challenging. It includes some of the best coastal and hinterland hiking in Europe, always accompanied by the fresh smell of medicinal herbs and the breeze of the Mediterranean. This trail is still in the development phase through an EU-funded project and while many attractions along the Blue Trail are open and accessible, a clearly defined and marked trail is still in the making.

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